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Pregnancy Journal | Evergreen

Pregnancy Journal | Evergreen

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Gender neutral pregnancy journal.

Printed on 200gsm gloss paper, coil bound, plastic to protect 400gsm card covers.

Pages are as follows:
42 Pages

cover page
the very beginning
fining out about you
first appointment, announcing the news, etc
first ultrasound
first trimester
growing you, our favourite photos page
first trimester (feeling, cravings, purchases)
first trimester (names considering, dreams I have, smells I like and dislike)
first trimester,(special memories, appointments, howi imagine you)
second trimester
growing you - photo page
second trimester (feeling, cravings, things learnt about pregnancy)
second trimester (how I'm preparing, dreams I have, smells and different thing I like and dislike)
Second trimester (special memories, appointments, how I'm expecting life to change)
third trimester
growing you (photo page)
third trimester ( special time to remember, appointments, things I have learnt about pregnancy)
third trimester (things I have enjoyed about being pregnant, things I haven't enjoyed about being pregnant)
third trimester (feelings, cravings, nesting)
preparing for you
purchases, nursery, special memories
feeling you move,
name lists x 2
baby shower x2
growing you - photo page
my birthing plan
how I see myself as a parent,
my hopes for baby
you are here now our adventure begins
labour x 2
my thoughts on becoming a parent x 2
family tree
end poem