Blossom and Mineral Bath Milk

Blossom and Mineral Bath Milk

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Soak away the day and pamper the soul with this divine blend of aromatherapeutic, skin-loving blossoms and essential oils to invigorate the senses, with vitamin rich goats milk to nourish intensively and rejuvenate skin. Dead Sea minerals - prized for their therapeutic skin benefits - and epsom salts cleanse and detoxify the body while replenishing and restoring essential mineral balance. Relax muscles and ease stiff, sore joints, while increasing circulation, promoting healthy skin metabolism and providing relief to problem skin.

Directions: Add a handful to warm, running water, allowing the salts to dissolve. Immerse yourself, relaxing as you soak, and allow the gentle floral and citrus fragrance to uplift and rejuvenate. A warm, not hot, bath is preferred. Ensure drinking water is available as you soak. Take care as bath may become slippery.

Ingredients: epsom salts, dead sea mineral salt^, goats milk powder^, rose petals*, lavender buds*, jasmine flowers*, calendula flowers*, chamomile flowers*, cornflower petals**, lavender flower oil*, red mandarin oil*
(*australian certified organic, **wildcrafted, ^naturally derived)

• 300g •