Stretch Mark Oil

Stretch Mark Oil

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Prevent and treat the appearance of stretchmarks, naturally, with this special blend of jojoba oil to penetrate and stimulate the growth of healthy skin; shea oil for its intensive moisturising and skin smoothing properties; and apricot kernel oil infused with the anti-inflammatory and restorative benefits of rose, calendula and chamomile herbs. This targeted oil blend is imbued with gorgeous, fresh, floral neroli essential oil, which is prized for its ability to prevent and fade stretchmarks. Safe for use during pregnancy.

Directions: Massage into belly, bottom and breasts twice daily to keep skin smooth, supple and moisturised.

Ingredients: virgin jojoba oil*; shea nut oil*; rose, calendula and chamomile infused apricot kernel oil*; neroli essential oil*
(*australian certified organic)

• 125mL •