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Latex Dummy | Size 1 (0-6m)

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Beautiful Dummies by FRIGG with a minimalist design and soft elegant colours that fit your style

About Frigg Dummies:

  • Help your baby learn to self-soothe with Frigg Latex Nipple Dummies. 
  • 100% free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates 
  • Frigg dummies mimic both the shape and softness of mothers breast, which supports your babies natural instincts.
  • Produced from rubber latex. 100% natural material, even softer than silicone.
  • Each dummy is produced with a stretch and vacuum test.
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark.
  • Complies with the European Standard EN1400 + A2 test. 

Vented teat: FRIGG dummies come with a vented teat. These tiny holes in the teat allow air to escape when your baby suckles, and this helps it to stay soft and maleable. This means that your baby’s mouth doesn’t change shape to suit the teat, but rather it will adjust to suit your baby’s mouth and the way that they suckle.

Directions & Care  

  • Sterilize the dummy by putting it into boiling water for 5 minutes before the first use. Allow to cool down. The dummies can get water into the nipple because of the vent hole. Simply squeeze the dummy gently to remove the water. 
  • Clean and sterilize the dummies daily before each use by scalding. Do not use microwave sterilising or cleaning products (even the dishwasher) as it will break down the nipple. 
  • Renew the dummy after 4-6 weeks of use for safety and hygiene reasons.
  • The products complies with Australian standards for consumer goods (Babies’ Dummies and Dummy Chains) Safety Standard 2017.